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VT300 Dyna-Flyers 50 - 10,000Liter Vertical Inline Homogenizer


VT300 Self Pump Powder Liquid Inline Homogenizer - is high-performance dispersing machine for the production of emulsions and suspensions in self pump complete circulation operations. Using the rotor-statorand vacuum self generation principle, it is best suited for applications that cannot be accomplished using conventional stirring methods. The machine is capable of processing highly abrasive products and media with a viscosity of up to 80.000 mPas.


-The combination of processing steps in one machine results in an enormous potential for process rationalizing – production times are minimized, partial processing steps are completely eliminated, cost of production is reduced
-Clean process due to and dust- and loss-free powder induction, even for difficult to wet, sticky or dusty powders
-Induction and dispersing of powders directly from silo (with intermediate buffer), BigBag, hopper, bag, barrel, etc.
-No adhesion in the vessel and installed components
-Fast and reproducible adjustment of the products due to an immediate and complete incorporation of the raw materials
-No induction of false air – powder transportation under vacuum in the dense stream

- the equipment works in manner of quickly suct in carpopol powder from the funnel.while open tank.water for circulation
-VT300-03 Vertical Inline Homogenizer for.hydrophopic products
-VT30-10 Dyna Flyers for gel viscosity:50000cps suck into tank circulation with water
-VT300-10 Dyna Flyers for CMC powder suck into tank circulation water

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VT300-25 Vertical Suction & Disssolving Inline Homogenizer Order No:971400

VT300-03 Vertical Suction & Disssolving Inline Homogenizer Order No:971100

VT300-25 18.5kW/25hp Vertical Inline Homogenizer ORDER CODE:6509300

VT300-10 Vertical Suction & Disssolving Inline Homogenizer Order No:971300

VT300-10 7.5kW/10hp Vertical Inline Homogenizer ORDER CODE:6509300

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VT300PW-10 Powder Suction Inline Homogenizer ORDER CODE:7845100

VT300-03 2.2kW/3hp Vertical Inline Homogenizer ORDER CODE:6509100

VT300-10 horizontal inline homogenizer

VT300PW-05 powder suction inline homogenizer ORDER CODE:7845000

VT310-H Series-Inline homogenizer-High Shear Pump with suction lance and hopper

VT300 Inline homogenizer complete with slow speed mixing tank

VT300 Series

VT300 Series Vertical Inline Homogenizer with Products Flow Explanation

inline homogenizer c w CIP mobile trolley


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