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VT320-100D Bench Top High Pressure Homogenizer cell broken,Carbon material dispersion

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VT320-100D Bench Top High Pressure Homogenizer cell broken,Carbon material dispersion VT320 HIGH PRESSURE HOMOGENIZER

VT320-100D high pressure  homogenizer is designed for pharmaceutical laboratory of fat emulsion, liposomes, lipid nanoparticles, nano materials,processing capacity of up to 15L/h users and design. The maximum working pressure 1800bar, and equipped with a built-in cooler and an external  cooler,cooling directly without loss of homogeneous material, material residue is 0ml,in particular suitable for pharmaceutical clients raw materials expensive.Equipped with frequency conversion controller, adjustable flow according to the requirements.

The work principle of  high pressure homogenizer:

Each homogeneous machine has a plurality of plunger reciprocating motion of the piston, the material in the under the valve set pressure adjustable in size,the width of the limiting slot (work area), transient voltage loss of material at high velocity (1000-1500 M / s) ejection, impact on one of the collision the valve assembly ring, have three effects: hole effect, impact effect, shear effect.After processing the three after the effect, particle size uniform refinement to below 100nm, the broken rate of more than 95%!

high pressure homogenizer machine features:

1. High pressure homogenizer for 1 special agents;

2 according to GMP design, through the EU CE certification;

3.The large power motor of 3.2.2kw, to ensure the stable operation under high pressure;

4 super high voltage design, pressure up to 1800bar/27000psi;

5 special feeding valve design, no exhaust, direct feeding;

6 material residue was 0, especially suitable for pharmaceutical raw materialsexpensive customers use;

7 inverter control system, adjustable flow according to the requirements of;

8 built-in cooler, less consumption of materials, control the temperature of homogenization;

9 configurable high wear resistance of high density ceramic valve;

10 all the contact material pipeline is 316L material;

11 drug specific AH-100D supervoltage nano homogenizer.

Processing products: fat emulsion, liposomes, lipid nanoparticles, nano suspension maximum feed particle size: < 100 micron

Yield: 10 L / h

Homogeneous series: two

The maximum working pressure of:1800bar/27000psi

Processing capacity: 815L/h

The minimum amount of processing: 25ml

Residues: 0ml

Motor power: 2.2kW/380v/50hz

Weight: 110kg

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