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WT500 Dyna-Ken 100ml - 10Liter Lab & Industrial Homogenizer

  • motor power (W): 500
  • Working Volume (ml): 100 – 40,000 ml (High Speed Mixer) 0.2 – 8,000 ml (Disperser & Homogenizer)
  • Voltage/Hz: 110-120V/60Hz , 220-240V / 50-60 Hz
  • Speed range (rpm): 10,000-30,000
  • Speed control type: Manual Dial Knob 6 stage
  • Speed increment /step: 4,000
  • noise emission(drive only): 72dB
  • Dimension LxWxH / ( mm): 255x255x700
  • Weight (kgs)-complete with stand: 8


The WT500 is a simple, easy to handle and has the ability to achieve quality results quickly. He has the speed and power to emulsify, suspend, cut and chop always to deliver accurate results. It has complete flexibility to hold it by hand, mounted to a pole or wall, with mounting plate or type H.The WT500 homogenizer is the ideal solution for dispersing, homogenizing, mixing and grinding biological tissue samples (cells, animal and plant tissues),pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and food

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Main Features
1. Multiple application and long service life.
2. Highly durable 316 stainless steel, they can be completely sterilized by hot air, autoclaving, flaming or chemical processes
3. "QUICK COUPLING" design to remove or lock the shaft tube in place with an easy quarter-turn.
4. Designed for rigorous conditions, such as running for excessive time, processing gritty materials, and when cleaning after each use is not possible
5. Allows users to cryogenically mill soil and sediment samples and to break down frozen materials
6. Unique design enables faster, more complete processing of those types of samples than possible with other homogenizing equipment.

WT500 Video Demo

Click for more information and video : with candle wax into oil emulsion strong suction with stator rotor effect generate high shearing power homogenizer cutting sugar particles with liquid Installation and Dismantle and maintenance demo for new users with OD10x120mm length shaft set for micro lab or small volume beaker

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WT500-SS2FER2 Volume : min- 100ml max - 5 liter Order No.:771000

WT500-SS3FER3 Volume : min- 100ml max - 8 liter Order No.:771100

WT500-SS2CCR2 Volume : min- 100ml max - 5 liter Order No.:771200

WT500-SS3CCR3 Volume : min- 100ml max - 8 liter Order No.:771300

WT500-SS05CSR04 Volume : min- 0.2 ml max - 50 ml Order No.:771400

WT500-SS10SSR09 Volume : min- 1ml max - 250 ml Order No.:771500

WT500-SS14SSR13 Volume : min- 100ml max - 1 liter Order No.:771600

WT500-SS2CSR2 Volume : min- 100ml max - 5 liter Order No.:771700

WT500-SS3CSR3 Volume : min- 100ml max - 8 liter Order No.:771800

WT500-SS2CMR2 Volume : min- 100ml max - 5 liter Order No.:771900

WT500-SS3CMR3 Volume : min- 100ml max - 8 liter Order No.:771110

WT500-SS3CMR2 Volume : min- 250ml max - 20 liter Order No.:771120

WT500-SS4CMR3 Volume : min- 1000ml max - 40 liter Order No.:771120

WT500-SS4CCR4 Volume : min- 1000ml max - 40 liter Order No.:771130

WT500-SS3CMR3 Volume : min- 100ml max - 8 liter Order No.:771910

easily dismountling shaft tube

Dyna-Ken WT500 Homogenizer/Emulsifier/Disperser/Mixing Jet

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WT500 Dyna Ken

WT500 Lab Homogenizer(Dyna Ken)


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