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BT200-BT200B Dyna-Stream 20 - 1000 Liter Top/Bottom Entry Industry Homogenizer

BT200 Top Entry Batch Homogenizer - is high-performance dispersing machine for the production of emulsions and suspensions in batch operations capability. Using the rotor-stator principle, it is best suited for applications that cannot be accomplished using conventional stirring methods. The machine is capable of processing highly abrasive products and media with a viscosity of up to 80.000 mPas.

Serving Industry : Dressings and Sauce, Flavors, Fruit Juices,Concentrates, Pulps, and Soft Drinks, Seeds and Mustards,Ice Cream, Cheese Spreads, Sugar, Hydrocolloids, Milk Solids,Salts, Edible Oils, Fumed Silica, Inks and Lacquers,Carbon Black, Titanium Dioxide, Clays, Pesticides and Herbicides,Detergents, Resins, Pigments and Dyes, Catalytic Agents, Waxes and Polishes, Sulfur, Pharmaceutical & Biological Crystalline Solids, Tablet Coatings, Protein Extraction, Personal Care & Toiletry, Toothpaste, Carbopol, Creams, Ointments, and Lotions

Main Features 
1. Lump free solutions with complete distribution of shear energy throughout the content of vessel.

2. Less raw material needed due to better wetting and dispersion.

3. complete de-agglomeration and suspension

4. complete circulation of products to avoid local heating of products.

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Add :27, Jalan 6/2 , Tmn.Industri Selesa Jaya,Off Jalan Balakong,43300 Seri Kembangan,Selangor, Malaysia.
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BT200-03 3hp homogenizer c/w Electrical Rope Hoist Trolley Stand

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BT200-03 3hp homogenizer c/w Electrical Rope Hoist Trolley Stand

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